Organic 4 Life WeightLifter is a superior natural Bio-Organic stimulator, and contains Calcium and Magnesium for a powerful stimulating effect on the metabolism and the fruiting process.

Years of research preceded the unique, very concentrated composition and revolutionary make-up of this product.

Organic 4 Life WeightLifter is a complete, carefully composed biomix of organic substances and minerals, which are essential during the growth and flowering phase.

The active substances of Organic 4 Life WeightLifter work quick and effectively, are absorbed almost immediately by the plant, and stimulate the creation of chlorophyll for more photosynthesis (energy production). They activate metabolic processes, which have a beneficial effect on the quality and strength of the fruits.

Product description

Growth – Flowering Accelerator (Ca/Mg)

1 liter

125 ml

250 ml

5 liter

10 liter