OSA Supervisor

Organic 4 Life OSA Supervisor is a unique patented organic biomix, consisting of natural micro elements supplemented with absorbable Ortho-silicic Acid (OSA). Years of research preceded the unique, very concentrated composition and revolutionary make-up of this product.

It ensures a perfect regulation of growth and flowering, thicker and firmer cell walls and improves the natural immune system. This allows plants to develop a high resistance against all kinds of diseases (moulds, insects, viruses, nematodes, etc. ), salt and water stress situations, and other stress factors such as heat and cold.

Organic 4 Life OSA Supervisor ensures that plants absorb all nutrients from the soil allowing them to root and grow better and faster. Plants become healthier, develop thicker and firmer stems and greener leaves, which are important factors for a good harvest. It improves the quality (scent, taste and colour), yield, and lifespan. Organic 4 Life OSA Supervisor can be applied in combination with any type of liquid feed, pesticides and/or insecticides if desired.

Product description

Nutrient & Stress Manager (Si)


1 liter

125 ml

250 ml

5 liter

10 liter