Organic 4 Life KickStarter is a superior natural Bio-Organic stimulator, and contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium for a powerful and stimulating effect on the growth and flowering process.

Years of research preceded the unique, very concentrated composition and revolutionary make-up of this product.

Organic 4 Life KickStarter is a complete, carefully composed biomix of organic substances and minerals, which are essential in the growth and flowering phase. The active substances of Organic 4 Life KickStarter work fast and effectively, are absorbed almost immediately by the plant and stimulate a powerful and optimal growth and flowering. Presence of phosphates is an extra stimulant for the plant in creating flowering hormones.

Organic 4 Life KickStarter provides the plant with additional Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in the growth and flowering phase, and stimulates the forming of leaves for more energy production. It stimulates the growth of all green parts, maintains the cell tension and improves the firmness of the plant. This allows for beautiful stronger plants, with more compact, firmer and heavier fruits.

Product description

NPK Total Complex


1 liter

125 ml

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