Organic 4 Life Greenpower is a unique Micronutrient Fertilizer (2-0-1) o ers plants boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc plus nitrogen and potassium in a complete and concentrated blend. Organic4life Greenpowerare the smallest (Micro) elements that must be present in the diet of a plant for proper growth and optimal functioning of the plant. Trace elements are essential in the metabolism of plants.

The inclusion of these elements is counteracted by a variety of in uences. Examples of these are: acidity, oxidation, etc. For inclusion of these elements to ensure its chelates indispensable! The Trace Elements in Organic4life Greenpower will be easily recognized by the roots that produce cytokinins (growth hormones) for the plant. This among other things, promotes spout and cell elongation in the leaf and ower.

This total absorption allows for better growth and stimulates the production of above-ground Auxins (growth hormone) it stimulates, in its turn the cell elongation, root growth and cell division. A good balance between these two ensures a strong plant that grows better and ourishes.


• Give mineral-deficient plants a hefty boost with one product.

• Boosts the photosynthetic activity and increases chlorophyll content.

• For balancing nutrients in vegetable and flower gardens, fruit trees, grass and more.

• Helps to boost up energy metabolism by the plant.

• Plays an active role in respiratory function.

• Provides organic nitrogen along with micro nutrients in chelated form, helps quick & easy absorption by the plant.

• Helps in pollination & fruit formation.

• Fast and long lasting effect.

• High-quality natural product.

Product description

Biomix of Macro y Micro Trace elementos (2-0-1)

1 liter

125 ml

250 ml

5 liter

10 liter