Organic 4 Life FlowerPower is a superior natural Bio-Organic flowering stimulator, and has a powerful stimulating effect on the flowering process.

Years of research preceded the unique, very concentrated composition and revolutionary make-up of this product.

Organic 4 Life FlowerPower is a complete, carefully composed biomix of organic substances and minerals, which are essential in the flowering process.

The active substances of Organic 4 Life FlowerPower work quick and effectively, and are absorbed almost immediately by the plant.

They stimulate the rapid formation of larger flowers full of fibres and sugars. The effect of the use of Organic 4 Life FlowerPower results in a higher yield of excellent quality, with a higher weight, a more beautiful appearance and an unsurpassed flavour.

Product description

Flowering Stimulator Complex


1 liter

125 ml

250 ml

5 liter

10 liter