OSA BodyGuard

Organic 4 Life BodyGuard is a superior Bio-Organic formula which provides extra nutrition to the plants, and at the same time strengthens the defense system and protects against Microbes and insects.

Years of research preceded the unique, very concentrated composition and revolutionary make-up of this product.

Organic 4 Life BodyGuard is a complete, carefully composed biomix of organic substances and minerals, which are essential for the plant.

The active substances of Organic 4 Life BodyGuard work quick and effectively, are absorbed almost immediately by the plant, and stimulate a very powerful defense system. It works preventatively and curatively. Organic 4 Life BodyGuard strengthens the plant but does not weaken the immune system.

Product description

Strengthens and Protects against Microbes & Insects


1 liter

125 ml

250 ml

5 liter

10 liter